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New York

Camp Name: Point O'Pines Camp for Girls
Position Available: Full time RN 
Type of Camp: Traditional Sleep-away camp for girls ages 7-15yrs. (ACA Accredited)
Location: On a beautiful peninsula nestled in the Adirondack Mountains on Brant Lake.  Approx. 1 hour North of Albany and 1 hour South of Lake Placid, NY.
Contact Person: Director/ Sherie Alden (518)494.3213
Email Address: info@pointopines.com 
Salary Range:  Competitive salary depending on experience includes private room board, laundry, and internet.  Reimbursement for NY license. Two days off per week.  Salary may be exchanged for daughter's camp tuition.
Camp Dates: June 23 to Aug. 10, 2018.  Position dates: June 16 to August 10. Position can be 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks.
Comments: Our Health Center consists of 4 Nurses, Health Care Administrator and one MD, all of whom live on our campus in beautiful accommodations. We are known for our healthy, wonderful food!! Primary duties include dispensing medications, tending to sick campers and injuries, scheduling doctor appointments, maintaining medical records, responding to emergencies and effectively communicating details to parents and other medical staff.  Enjoy your time off by exploring the Adirondacks or playing tennis and swimming on our lakefront campus!

Camp Name: Camp Pontiac
Position Available: RN
Type of Camp: Traditional Coed Residential Camp
Location: Copake, NY
Contact Person: Stefanie Friedman
Email Address: Stefanie@camppontiac.com
Salary Range: Generous and Competitive
Camp Dates: June 23rd-August 11th
Comments: Camp Pontiac is a premier co-ed overnight camp located in New York State, owned and directed by physicians. We are situated in the foothills of the Berkshire mountains midway between New York City and Boston. The camp accommodates approximately 250 boys and 250 girls, ranging in age from 7 to 16. We have a state of the art health center with nine nurses and a minimum of two physicians (not including the owners/directors who are on camp as well). Camp Pontiac offers a competitive salary as well as a wonderful social experience. Families welcome!

Camp Name: Raquette Lake Camps
Position Available: Camp Nurse
Type of Camp: Brother/Sister Residential
Location: Upstate, NY (Adirondacks)
Contact Person: Peter Schneidman
Email Address: peter@raquettelake.com
Salary Range: $1000. /week and up
Camp Dates: June 16-August 12
Comments: Elite boy’s and girl’s residential summer camp in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of NY seeks camp RNs to work June- August.  Looking for energetic and fun people who want to spend their summers with children.  Need both males and females.  Top salary, room and board provided.  Licensing fees paid. Call 800 786 8373 or email a resume to pete@raquettelake.com. Check us out at

Camp Name: Camp Tapawingo, Speculator NY
Position Available: Full-time RN. Must have NY license or reciprocity. Other requirements to be discussed with Director.
Type of Camp: Christian overnight for girls ages 9-17 yrs.
Location: On a beautiful island nestled in the Adirondack Mountains on Lake Pleasant. Approx. 1.5 hours north of Albany and 1.5 hours south of Lake Placid, NY.
www.camp-of-the-woods.org/tapawingo To apply please visit: http://www.camp-of-the-woods.org/#/tapawingo/tapawingo-staff
Contact Person: Joy Huseland, Director (518) 548-4311 ext. 237
Email Address: tapawingo@cotw.org
Salary Range: $410 per week (Head Nurse), room/board and internet. Reimbursement for NY license. One day off per week. Daughter(s) camp tuition may be comp’ed. $300 per week (Assistant Nurse).
Camp Dates: May 20 to August 19, 2018.
Comments: Our Health Center consists of 1 to 2 RN’s who live on our island. We are known for our mission of training up young girls to be godly young women. Primary duties include dispensing medications, tending to sick campers and injuries, scheduling doctor appointments, maintaining medical records, responding to emergencies and effectively communicating details to parents and other medical staff. Enjoy your time off at CAMP-of-the-WOODS (Christian family resort). 

Camp Name: Camp Ramaquois    
Position Available: RN’s
Type of Camp: Day Camp    
Location:  Pomona, NY
Contact Person: Jared Gelb or Jann Reissman
Email Address: Jared@campramaquois.com
Salary Range: $6,000 - $8,000
Camp Dates: June 26 – August 17
Comments: Premier summer day camp for children seeks dynamic and talented nurses to work in our rewarding and fun camp environment.  We are seeking hard-working, confident, responsible and friendly applicants.  Camp nursing is a combination of first aid, school nursing, and mom nursing all rolled into one.  The best part is you get to work in a friendly and supportive environment.

Camp Name: Camp Schodack
Position Available: Camp Nurse
Type of Camp: Tradtional, Residential, Co-ed
Location: Foothills of the Berkshires, Nassau, NY (2.5 hours from NYC/Boston)
Contact Person: Matt Krouner
Email Address: mat@schodack.com
Salary Range: $1100/week
Camp Dates: June - August 
Comments: Camp Schodack is an overnight summer camp for boys and girls. Schodack was founded in 1957 and has been under the same Krouner-family ownership since its creation. Schodack is known for creating a wonderful, warm community with lots of excitement. Nurses work 5 days per week, 12-14 hours per day, with 2 consecutive days off each week. Each live-in nurse has an air-conditioned, private accommodation with satellite TV and private bathroom/shower facilities.

Camp Name: Ramapo for Children
Position Available: LPNs and RNs
Type of Camp: Residential summer camp for children with social, learning and emotional challenges 
Location: Rhinebeck, NY
Contact Person: Scott Kemp
Email Address: skemp@ramapoforchildren.org
Salary Range: $800-$1000/week for LPNs and RNs 
Travel reimbursement
Licensure reimbursement

Room and board, Wi-Fi and laundry service
Camp Dates: June 10th – August 24th 2018 (Can be flexible with dates)
Comments: Work cooperatively; establish open communication with a team of nurses with counselor staff, to ensure the health needs of campers are met.
Coordinate and implement routines for managing, distributing, and safeguarding medications.
Respond to the health needs of campers and staff, including medication distribution, sick call, and on-call emergency response.
Establish and follow appropriate medical routines including record keeping in the daily medical log, disposal of medical waste, and utilize approved standing orders.

Camp Name: StageDoor Manor
Position Available: RN
Type of Camp: Co-Ed Private Theater Camp 
Location: Loch Sheldrake, NY
Contact Person: Chris Armbrister
Email Address: chris@stagedoorjobs.com 
Salary Range: Competitive 
Camp Dates:
Session 1: 6/13 - 7/8
Session 2: 7/8 - 7/29
Session 3: 7/29 - 8/20
Comments: Internationally recognized theater camp, located 2 hours from NYC, seeks RN’s for our 2018. Contacts July 9-29; July 29-Aug 20; or both. If you or your kids love Theater, Dance and Showbiz then this is your camp! Competitive Salary (program opportunities for your children) plus housing and meals.  Our Health center start looks after 280 campers and 160 staff in our 3 room health center. For information, questions or to apply send us your resume.

Camp Name:  Camp Hilltop

Position Available: RN
Type of Camp: Residential General Camp
Location: Hancock, NY
Website: www.camphilltop.com 
Contact Person: Becky Christophersen
Email Address: becky@camphilltop.com 
Salary Range: Competitive  
Camp Dates: 7/7/18 – 8/18/18
Comments: Camp Hilltop is a co-educational summer camp offering 2 to 8 week sessions for campers 6 to 16. The camp is located near the Catskill Mountains.
Camp Hilltop is looking for nurses with camp spirit! Hilltop's RN's each live in a private room with a private bathroom within our health center. If you are interested in learning more about Hilltop and would like to apply for a position, please visit our website or call 1-800-782-5319.

Camp Name: Long Lake Camp For The Arts
Position Available: Camp Nurse, Summer Arts camp needs great Nurses, 3 week, 6 week and 9 week sessions available. We offer you a beautiful view from the infirmary of the lake and Adirondack Mountains. 
Type of Camp: Long Lake Camp For The Arts is looking for lovely nurses to come work and enjoy our amazing Performing and Fine Arts summer camp located in the beauty of the Adirondack Park of upstate New York. Privately owned sleep away camp, ages 8 to 16
Location: 83 Long Lake Camp Way, Long Lake, NY, 12847
Contact Person: Geoff Burnett
We are a very well run and friendly camp that offer amazing activities to great campers and we hire another 180 staff for only 300 campers. Please call Geoff Burnett on 914 693 7111 and also email your resume to marc@longlakecamp.com.
Email Address: marc@longlakecamp.com
Salary Range: This is a live in positions and you will have your own private room and bathroom at camp plus a nurses lounge and full access to all our great arts activities and waterfront. We offer a good negotiable salary, free food and accommodations and a wonderful working environment. 
Camp Dates: June 20, July 15 or August 5, We offer 3 week, 6 week and 9 week sessions available. Call for details
Comments: Your day is split between the 3 nurses and a spectacular lakeside location to spend you summer. Please do visit www.longlakecamp.com to see our beautiful camp in the heart of the Adirondacks in upstate New York.  
We offer you free living, salary, we do your laundry for you and you have access to our wonderful waterfront and other activities and lovely staff to make friends with. We will be using the pre-packaged Camp Meds system for some of the prescription meds and have doctors standing orders for the OTC meds we hold at camp. 
At camp we offer world class fine arts, dance, music, circus, rock bands, magic, acting, theater and have a great waterfront, adventures program and fun sports.We welcome nurses to apply with a current R.N. license (NY). We can help you get a New York license if you need one, we pay the costs for you. We are only looking for friendly nurses who genuinely do like children and you must still love the idea of pastoral care and be a warm and friendly person.  We are not a sick camp, our campers have similar needs to those in a high school. Our campers come from all over the world and they are very lovely, even our teenagers are polite and kind! 
Please visit
www.longlakecamp.com to learn all about our camp. The dates we need nurses to start are flexible starting now. We are hiring now. Apply today!!

Camp Name:Cradle Beach Inc. 
Position Available:Residential Summer Camp Nurse 
Type of Camp:Non-Profit; Residential 
Location: 8038 Old Lakeshore Road - Angola - NY - 14006 
Contact Person: Derrick Brown Email Address:dbrown@cradlebeach.org 
Salary Range: $1075 Per Session 
Camp Dates:
Session 1: June 25 - July 3 (Ages 8-11) 
Session 2: July 6 - July 15 (Ages 11-14)

Session 3: July 18 - July 27 (Ages 8-11)

Session 4: July 31 - August 9 (Ages 11-14)

Session 5: August 12 - August 18 (Ages 8-12)

Comments: Cradle Beach is located just 24 miles from Buffalo, NY and serves the needs of approximately 800 children with special needs and children who are economically disadvantaged, ages 8 to 16. Summer Camp is residential for 7 to 10 days providing a healthy environment and organized activities to promote socialization, independence, and decision making in a positive atmosphere. Cradle Beach is unique in that the same opportunities are provided to all campers no matter their background. Cradle Beach is one of the few camps in the United States to integrate campers with special needs and are economically disadvantaged. 

To place an ad just E-mail: info@campnurse.info 

Direction on how to place an ad will be sent via e-mail. Each Ad has a small fee, the Ads are current for one year after fee is paid.

Sample Ad for Camps:
Camp Name: 
Position Available: 
Type of Camp: 
Contact Person:
Email Address: 
Salary Range: 
Camp Dates: 


North Carolina

New Hampshire

Camp Name: Camp Winaukee
Position Available: Nurse
Type of Camp: Premier
Location: Moultonborough, NH
Contact Person: Todd Seideman​
Email Address:  todd@winaukee.com​
Salary Range: negotiable
Camp Dates: June 23,  2018 - August 11, 2018
Comments: Camp Winaukee is looking for well-rounded, passionate, hardworking nurse who will be able to comfort, take care and keep our campers healthy throughout the summer.

Camp Name: The Walden School
Position Available: Camp Nurse, Young Musicians Program
Type of Camp: Summer music camp
Location: Dublin School in Dublin, NH
Contact Person: Seth Brenzel, Director, Young Musicians Program 
Email Address: sbrenzel@waldenschool.org
Salary Range: $1000/week plus room and board
Camp Dates: June 25, 2018-August 7
Comments: Responsibilities include working with the program director and leadership team to ensure health among the community’s approximately 50 students and 22 faculty & staff; reviewing all medical forms; supervising care of the sick; communicating with parents of students in incidence of student illness and/or injury; disbursement of regular student medications; living on campus and performing staff duties including dorm supervision; hiking with participants; other duties as determined. Click
http://waldenschool.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Walden-YMP-Nurse-2018.pdf  for full job description.

Camp Name: Camp Cody
Position Available: Nurse Coordinator 
Type of Camp:Residential Co-ed camp
Location:Freedom, New Hampshire
Contact Person:Dean Poland
Email Address:dean@campcody.com
Salary Range:$1,000 per 6-day work week, 12-14hrs per day (room & board included)
Camp Dates:June 12 - August 18
Comments:The Nurse Coordinator will oversee all operations within the Health Center. They will have a staff of 4 nurses and 1 nurse assistant for each 2-week session and will oversee the transition of nurses for all 4 sessions. They will also provide scheduling for the nurses and assist with decisions made to provide the very best care for our campers and staff The Nurse Coordinator will work 6 days each week and will  have room and board included. For more information please call 603 539-4997 or email dean@campcody.com. 


Camp Name: Camp Oty’Okwa
Position Available: Nurse, Assistant Nurse
Type of Camp: residential/overnight, co-ed, non-profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Location: southeastern Ohio, Hocking Hills
Contact Person: Megan Bayes
Email Address: mbayes@bbbscentralohio.org
Salary Range:

$4400-6000 for Lead Nurse;

$2800-3000 for Assistant Plus Room/Board
Camp Dates: June 3-Aug 16
Comments: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio seeks nurse & assistant nurse for residential Camp Oty’Okwa, located in Hocking Hills to oversee health and safety for all campers and staff during their time at camp. Duties include maintaining medical forms and records, conducting first day screening of campers, supervising & distributing medications that children bring to camp and being available for routine and emergency medical problems that arise; 6-17 year olds & 18+ summer staff.

New Jersey

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New Jersey 
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